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Active Shooter Training in Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.

When facing extreme violence from an active shooter, a passive lockdown-only response may not always keep you safe. In fact, it’s no longer the preferred response of federal and state agencies. Students, teachers and administrators need options to respond based on the circumstances. Proactive options-based strategies from Active Shooter Training Academy (ASRTA) may help them feel empowered to make the best decision rather than hopelessly endure a difficult situation.

Ensure the preparedness of your Northern Virginia and D.C. area K-12 School by adding school shooter response training from ASRTA.  As an Active Shooter Certified Instructor, we provide you with the tools to support your school training plan, perform school safety drills and exercises, and certify your K-12 School staff.


Active shooter response training from Active Shooter Training Academy (ASRTA) provides students and staff with effective response options in the event of an active shooter situation. No single response fits all active shooter situations. However, making sure each individual knows his or her options for response and is prepared to react decisively can save valuable time and help minimize the loss of life.

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