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Students in Class


Nick Clark

Lead Instructor

Nick is ASRTA's lead instructor. Retired from the military and a former officer with the Department of Corrections having served in a number of units, from SuperMax wings, to the emergency response and hostage response unit and drug squad as an active drug dog handler, Nick brings many years of experience to teaching.


He is also a certified firearms, baton and OC instructor and he has completed both civilian instructor and government related training in Active Shooter.


Nick has a Psychology degree from Colorado Technical University, and he is currently completing his Masters in Science - Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security. 

Marshall Bennett


Marshall is one of ASRTA’s trainers and he is former law enforcement as a patrol officer. Marshall is a certified firearms instructor and has extensive training in extreme close quarter combat.


Prior to his work as an instructor, he obtained his bachelors degree in criminology and homeland security with a focus in domestic counterterrorism and brings his extensive research and work in understanding the nature of the criminal and terroristic mind to ASRTA’s students.

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